SEBDATA offers a suite of solutions to address the needs of education providers. We can help with the entire digital journey of your students, the necessary compliance documents you need as well as outsourced bureau service to reduce the cost of running and education institution.

From Online Enrolment to Online Learning

Having an integrated and automated digital journey is the expectation of a student and a key advantage of education providers. SEBDATA works alongside the entire studies of a student from an online enquiry through to completing their studies in a learning management system.

SEBDATA builds application environments with partner, and non partner software that have the students experience at heart, and the efficient management of data and business processes as a given requirement. With integrations working out of the box, and the experience of many implementations, we can set you up with an exciting, digital environment at fast pace.

No more worrying about compliance

SEBDATA’s education consultants have have an average of 15 years experience in New Zealand compliance and can help you achieve more and to avoid pitfalls.


QMS, Programme Approvals, Funding Applications....

SEBDATA has you covered when it comes to development of compliance documents including QMS, Programme Approvals, Funding Applications, the entire setup of a new PTE, International Code of Practice and much more.

Our consultants work as guides with your business leaders and subject matter experts to acquire relevant approvals, funding and permissions from the ministry of education and related government agencies.

An initial assessment of the work you need done is free. Talk to us about your project, problem or goals.


Administration Outsourcing

Managing the student administration and compliance through SEBDATA can be a very cost effective solution

Many of our clients trust us with the processing of compliance reporting, analytics, review of data returns and generally as support when processing student enrolments. SEBDATA has very cost effective ways to manage your administration and compliance. Your institution will have a job outsourced but still access to world class compliance consulting and support in case things get complicated.


SDR | Workspace 2 | Fees Free | ITR

Navigating the daily compliance requirements

After having successfully started an education organisation and having your programmes approved, you might need a hand with the daily processing of data and reporting requirements.

The team at SEBDATA is happy to help with all reporting and processing needs. We work everyday on the ITR, SDR, Workspace 2, Fees Free, NZQA and much more...