SEBDATA is the creator and sole vendor of the SELMA student information system. A cloud based SaaS student information system for the higher education, training and vocational sector. With a growth of more than 100% every year for the past 4 years, the success of SELMA speaks for itself.

Ease of Use

SELMA is designed to be the most user friendly SIS in the APAC region and its success is a result of great customer satisfaction


Powerful integrations make SELMA fast to work with and give students a great experience. SELMA integrates with online enrolment solutions, CRM's, canvas & Moodle, Salesforce, JotForm and more


SELMA is compliant with the New Zealand funding framework and integrates with NZQA, SDR, Fees Free, NSI, ITR and LNAAT

Powerful Reporting

SELMA has various internal and external reporting options including full data dumps, grid reports, logs, dashboards and integrates with PowerBI or your data warehouse

World Class Support

SELMA's customers are looked after by the world-class SEBDATA support team based in New Zealand with very strong software and compliance knowledge.